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Guardiola: If players think the job is done, they will not play

02-Mar-2021, 07:00 am

Pep Guardiola Manchester City 2020-21

No English teamhad ever won 20 straight matches before Manchester City's current run, but Pep Guardiola has warned there is still work left to be done.

Manchester City'sobjectives have broadened from merely claiming the Premier League to possibly winning thequadruple, an accomplishment that would require unwavering excellence for three more months.

“We cannot relax for one second,”Guardiolasaid via the club's website. “Always we can do better… that is the target.

“As much as we win and as much as we get results, we have to demand and be over the players and say we can do better.

“This is the moment and when I feel that every player is thinking the job is done or how good it is, these guys are not going to play.

“I am so intuitive. I know exactly when the guys are not ready to continue what we need to do. I said before the champions are Liverpool so to do it we still have eight, nine or 10 games and it’s a lot.

“They are an incredible team that struggled for four or five games to win games. It happened to us too.

“It happened last season and the beginning of this season and we were unable to win three games in the first two months (of this season) so still I want more and tomorrow against Wolves is a good example."

The Citizens have four more league matches before the second leg of their Champions League bout with Borussia Monchengladbach on March 16. Among those contests, only the one against Manchester United next Sunday poses an obvious threat.

The sooner Manchester City make their league title official, the sooner they can focus on hoisting the Champions League trophy, which has eluded them to this point.

Part of Guardiola's motivation, then, is the chanceto rotate his squadby the time a potential European semi-final arrives in late-April.

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