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17-Sep-2020, 01:01 am

'I only watched 25 minutes' - Pochettino underwhelmed by Spurs documentary

Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham 2019-20

Ex-Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino admits that he did not sit down to watch Amazon's documentary series on the club in its entirety, limiting his viewing to the period in which he was in charge.

His last full campaign saw the club reach their first-ever Champions League final, where they lost out to Liverpool, but a run of poor results at the start of 2019-20 sealed his fate, with Tottenham then turning to Jose Mourinho on the bench.

The Argentine therefore has just a cameo in Amazon's nine-partAll or Nothingsaga, which focuses on the 2019-20 season and begins with his sacking.

And he feels that his presence in the early stages of the documentary was merely incidental, while revealing he was underwhelmed with the part he did see.

"Me and Jesus Perez, we only watched the first 25 minutes, until we left the club. We watched, and to be honest, it was correct. No more or no less,"Pochettinotold the Independentpodcast Between The Lines.

"It was like ‘OK, we need to put that Jesus, Toni Jiminez, Miguel D'Agostino, Sebastiano Pochettino and Mauricio were there, but it’s nothing to do with the documentary’.

"Being honest, I think we feel responsible because it was very difficult to say yes to open the door to Amazon, who came to Tottenham at a very difficult moment for us.

"And, of course, I feel sorry forJesus, because he spent time from 7am trying to help the Amazon people to make that all work with the players, with the staff, with everything. And to be honest, after 25 minutes watching, I think Jesus appeared one time with me. OK, five and a half years at the cluband we’re only in the scenario for 25 minutes, trying to justify why we left the club."

Despite his reservations about the series, Pochettino added that he bears no ill will either to the makers or his replacement, who has endured mixed fortunes in his bid to get Spurs back on track following last season's slump.

"But I understand, because it’s a documentary that’s trying to put the club in a good place. The club is not going to open the door to Amazon to create a problem after the documentary," he added.

"I think, it’s difficult to be natural, but I hope they will achieve what they wanted doing this, you know, I think it’s important to show the facilities of the club, the new stadium, the new training ground that we were so involved in helpingDanielLevy to design.

"I still love the fans, I still love the club, and of course, I have a different appreciation for Daniel and the people that work there and the players.

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